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Serie: Tesi di dottorato

Fascicolo: Gennaio-Dicembre 2013

γ -TiA1 fabricated by EBM as innovative material for aerospace applications with low environmental impact2013-1157T
G2: figli d’immigrati o nuovi italiani?2013-362T
The gain-loss model2013-45T
La garanzia di sicurezza e qualità dei prodotti agro-alimentari biologici2013-256T
Gas metallicities in galaxies2013-456T
Gas origin in the extended narrow line region of nearby seyfert galaxies2013-403T
Gender differences of ADRs related to psychotropic drug2013-802T
Gender, family and traditional norms in developing countries2013-155T
The genes shuffling in microbial communities2013-1518T
La genesi ideale della vocazione storiografica2013-91T
Genetic and functional variability in plant associated bacteria2013-649T
Genetic approaches to study Rc gene a pigmented rice with high proanthocyanidins content in pericarp2013-1613T
Genetic association between bipolar disorder and 524>C (Leu133Ile) polymorphism of CNR2gene, encoding for CB2 cannabinoid receptor ; Interaction between Pum2 and Stau1 RNA-binding proteins and their role in behavior2013-820T
Genetic interaction between MTMR2 and FIG4 phospholipid phosphatases involved in Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathies2013-956T
Genetic variability in the phytopathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas savastanoi2013-1521T
Genetic variations in the MECP2 3’UTR and in Arx gene influence the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders2013-1112T
Genetics and pharmacogenetics of Pagetʼs disease of bone2013-889T
Genome-based technologies provide novel insight into the pathogenesis and the clinical response of lymphoid malignancies2013-1117T
Genomewide analysis of gene expression in Vitis vinifera ssp.2013-1519T
Genomics of stress resistance in the model plant Brachypodium distachyon2013-1500T
Genotype-phenotype correlations and genetic family screening in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy2013-960T
Geochemical and isotopic tracers in copper deposits and ancient artifacts2013-576T
Geochemistry of the high-pressure CO₂ systems2013-551T
Geochimica dei fluidi vulcanici e idrotermali2013-552T
Geografia e cooperazione2013-1762T
The geomorphological origin of recession curves2013-1433T
A geophysical and geotechnical study of the sandy soil foundation for proposed metro-tunnel at the Najaf Area, Southern Iraq2013-1425T
Geotecnologie applicata alla valorizzazione del patrimonio geomorfologico e geologico come risorse per un turismo sostenibile2013-578T
Le geotecnologie applicate all’archeologia2013-589T
Gestione del rischio nelle reti di imprese2013-1566T
Gestione in vivaio di Cynodon dactylon x.C. transvaalensis cultivar Patriot2013-1493T
Gfi-1 inhibits proliferation and colony formation of p210BCR/ABL-expressing cells via transcriptional repression of STAT 5 and Mcl-12013-1063T
Giordano Bruno e l’Academia Julia di Helmstedt2013-87T
I giovani e il voto in sei paesi europei, 1981-20002013-137T
Giovanni Ambrogio Figino pittore (1553-1608)2013-1645T
Giovanni Battista Caccialupi e l’istruzione giuridica tra Medioevo ed età moderna2013-222T
Gioventù corte2013-102T
Il giudizio abbreviato2013-273T
Il giudizio di rinvio dopo l’annullamento in Cassazione2013-284T
La giuridificazione della storia2013-300T
GNSS receiver signal processing2013-1350T
Going ultra deep to unravel the secret recipe of biofuel2013-612T
Governare la ricostruzione2013-1657T
Il governo delle infrastrutture2013-248T
Granger causality and statistical methods applied to global warming and radon/earthquake connection2013-394T
Greening global value chains2013-1569T
Gregorio Nazianzeno, carm. 2.,2,32013-372T
Grid and cloud computing for e-science applications2013-1298T
Groundwater potential risk of agricultural activity in Vercelli plain, North Italy2013-587T
La Grundlage metafisico-trascendentale schopenhaueriana2013-86T