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Serie: Tesi di dottorato

Fascicolo: Gennaio-Dicembre 2013

Water politics2013-1448T
The waterfront area in Italy and China2013-1684T
Wave energy harvesting in the Mediterranean Sea2013-1443T
Web accesssibility and collaboration to support learning for blind people2013-22T
Web usability e decision-making2013-336T
Wide area surveillance with rotating and zooming cameras2013-1212T
Wille, unbewusstheit motivation2013-42T
Wilson loops and generalized quark-antiquark potential in ABJM theory2013-443T
Womanʼs labour supply, the crisis and the access to managerial and entrepreneurial position2013-207T
Wool fabric plasma treatment2013-1156T
Work in the capability approach2013-208T