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Serie: Tesi di dottorato

Fascicolo: Gennaio-Dicembre 2013

The NA62 RICH detector2013-478T
Nanocompositi a matrice poliuretanica per la salvaguardia del patrimonio culturale da inquinamento e microorganismi2013-1460T
Nanogap structures for molecular electronics and biosensing2013-726T
Nanostructured carbon/silicon composite opto-electrochemical devices for sensing and energy harvesting applications2013-1273T
Nanostructured materials based on ZnO for catalytic, optical and magnetic applications2013-516T
Narrazioni d’identità migranti2013-129T
Natura multiscala delle fluttuazioni del campo magnetico terrestre nelle aree polari2013-549T
Natural resource sustainability through bio-based polymers development2013-1589T
Necessità, emergenza e pubblici poteri2013-271T
Neighbourhood context and civic development2013-113T
Neisseria meningitidis adhesin A2013-515T
Neoclassical Hollywood music2013-1711T
Network coding for cognitive radio networks2013-1305T
Network-coded cooperative wireless networks2013-1325T
The neural correlates of auditory orienting in Macaque monkey2013-600T
Neurobiological effects of dhea in females with special reference to sexual function2013-1107T
A new approach to quality assessment in the pansharpening framework2013-1347T
New approaches and emerging treatment options for mild-moderate patches psoriasis2013-999T
New construction methods for copulas and the multivariate case2013-396T
I new Englishes e la formazione degli insegnanti di inglese come lingua sempre meno straniera in Italia in contesto plurilingue e in prospettiva interculturale2013-358T
New frontiers of markerless motion capture2013-721T
A new insight to emergy by means of set theory2013-1462T
New insights into the pathogenic mechanisms associated with CNVs2013-891T
New mediators for the biocatalysis mediated by laccase2013-498T
New molecular devices for selective structural modifications of G-quadruplexes foled oligonucleotides2013-800T
New multiactive ingredients2013-830T
A new portable high density surface EMG multichannel acquisition system2013-717T
A new process for rapid biodegradation of heavily contaminated marine sediments2013-1141T
News, current account imbalances and international business cycles2013-159T
Next generation combination vaccines2013-952T
Next generation sequencing2013-1001T
No semimartingales and clusters in financial markets2013-166T
Noble metal/metal oxide nanocomposite thin films for optical gas sensors2013-1146T
Il nodo della partecipazione dei lavoratori in Italia2013-262T
Non a caso2013-101T
Non-functional modeling and analysis of context aware software systems2013-9T
Nonlinear estimation techniques for autonomous navigation in single and multi robot systems2013-1483T
Nonlinear relativistic equation of state and phase transitions in nuclear matter at finite temperature and baryon density2013-446T
Non-noble metal cathodic electrocatalysts for PEM cells and direct methanol fuel cells2013-1597T
Non-trivial relations between lie algebras and its physical applications2013-444T
Norme penali di favore e sindacato di legittimità costituzionale2013-280T
Notch cooperates with pathways involved in tumor progression2013-896T
Novel Dye-sensitized solar cell architecture based on microfluidic housing system2013-469T
Novel haptic cueing for UAV tele-operation2013-1475T
A novel immunotherapy approach for the targeting of acute myeloid leukaemia by the use of chimeric antigen receptors (CARs)2013-1064T
Novel insights into leukemia immune escape after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation2013-974T
Novel insights into skeletal muscle regeneration2013-853T
Novel mechanism of MYC dysregulation2014-929T
Novel methodologies and technologies for the multiscale and multimodal study of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs)2013-718T
A novel recombinant vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus2013-623T
The novel-essay, 1884-19472013-1722T
Nucleolipid self assemblies for the confinement and delivery of nucleic acids2013-499T
Numerical and experimental methods applied to human exposure to electromagnetic fields2013-1226T
Numerical approximation and analysis of mathematical models arising in cells movement2013-389T
Numerical simulation and control of separated flows2013-476T
Numerical simulation and design of semiconductor quantum dot-based lasers and amplifiers2013-1301T
Numerical studies of turbolent forced convection in a wavy channel for low and order one Prandtl number2013-1173T
Numerically efficient techniques for electromagnetic scattering calculations in the frequency domain2013-1282T
Nummulite banks in the Eocene of Tethys2013-590T
Nuove metodiche di imaging nello studio della mobilizzazione di protesi articolare2013-1084T
Nuove prospettive di indagine tassonomica di denti decidui usurati attraverso analisi di immagine e tecnologie tridimensionali2013-703T
Nuove strategie sintetiche per la preparazione di principi attivi di farmaci2013-534T
Nuove tecniche di abbattimento della sostanza organica e di sfruttamento ai fini energetici dei reflui in acquacoltura2013-1540T
Nuovi attori e processi di riterritorializzazione in ambiti urbani degradati2013-177T
Nuovi bersagli farmacologici per la neuroprotezione ischemica da ipotermia in un modello murino di ischemia cerebrale2013-822T
Nuovi paesaggi tra città e mare2013-1661T
Nuovi tensioattivi green da materie prime di origine naturale2013-545T
Un nuovo dispositivo di protezione sismica2013-1413T
Un nuovo processo di biodegradazione rapida di sedimenti marini fortemente contaminati2013-1141T
Nutritional and hormonal modulation of human melanoma progression2013-935T
Merino Moncada, Nelson Rubén.
Non-trivial relations between lie algebras and its physical applications : thesis to be presented in partial completion of the academic degree: doctor en ciencias físicas, Universidad de Concepción & dottore di ricerca in fisica, Politecnico di Torino/ by Nelson Rubén Merino Moncada ; directors of thesis: Patricio Salgado, Riccardo D'Auria. Torino ; Concepción, 2012.
   1 v.
   In testa al frontespizio: Universidad de Concepción, Facultad de ciencias físicas y matemáticas, doctorado en ciencias físicas, Concepción, Chile; Politecnico di Torino, Dipartimento di fisica, Torino, Italia, dottorato di ricerca in fisica. 
Altro autore:   
   Politecnico di Torino : Dipartimento di fisica
   Universidad de Concepción : Facultad de ciencias físicas y matemáticas
530.1       FIS/02

BNI 2013-444T